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Golf and golf specific training has evolved quickly with the rise of Tiger and his dedication to physical conditioning highlighting the importance of strength and conditioning in Golf.

Golf as we know is a complicated game. The biomechanics of the Golf swing sees many movement patterns across many joints and movement plains. The effect of this complicated swing action requires the body to perform the movement with timing and with a repeatable action (consistency).

A lot of power and control in the golf swing comes from trunk rotation and segmented translation of movement. To enable this we need to develop the muscularly and control in the trunk or "core" section of the body. In addition to this core stability we need to ensure that the body is operating at an optimal neuromuscular level (Sending messages to the muscle to contract). This neuromuscular patterning starts from ensuring muscle balance in the body.

Align Fitness will conduct a postural assessment on clients to highlight any muscle imbalances. We can then work on correcting any imbalances to help ensure the right messages get to the right muscles, you will be amazed by the improvements.

How will these exercises help my game?

By incorporating Muscle conditioning specific to the golf swing, you WILL improve the following areas of your game.

  • Control of the trunk rotation
  • Distance in shots
  • Injury prevention
  • Concentration
  • Stability in the pelvis (allowing more control up the kinetic chain)
  • Hand and upper body strength
From the novice to the professional golfer, improvements can be seen in swing, distance, injury prevention (we all know about the golfer with the crook back). Our Golf conditioning program has been very successful working with handicappers of all levels. From the best international talent from Korea, to a high handicapper who plays in corporate events. Align Fitness develop the same results from our physical conditioning program.