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Personal Training

Align Fitness provides specialised services in personal training. Our staff have over 10 years industry experience, coaching athletes at an elite level as well dedicating attention to a wide variety of customers with different levels of fitness, all equally as important to us.

Our results in one on one training speak for themselves, achieving memorable results for weight loss clients, for hypertrophy (muscle building) clients as well as elevating pain and suffering for customers with injury concerns (such as chronic lower back pain). We make your training goals our business.

We know how important it is to have support every step of the way, so wherever possible our trainers will make themselves available to offer advice to clients, even outside the hours of a scheduled session.

Align Fitness has a holistic approach to health & wellness, ensuring a balanced fitness program whatever your fitness goals and objectives may be.

A personal trainer is a professional exercise specialist. At Align Fitness you can expect a personal trainer to have a much greater depth of knowledge and experience to dedicate to you. Read more